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About Professional Continuity

Hosted Continuity is a Professional and Managed Services Organisation.

The Organisation operates via two (2) complimentary lines of businessProfessional Services and Managed Services.

The Professional Services line of business offers:
  • Advisory
  • Human Capital
  • Application Services 

The Managed Services line of business offers:

  • IT Services
  • Cloud Services
  • Networking & Telecommunications

Established as a specialist Disaster Recovery Provider, Hosted  Continuity has quickly created a reputation of trust that extends across our products, services and solutions. In every case, we look at our customers business from a business owner’s perspective. We ask the right questions, and then delve deep into the operation to identify the right solutions.

With Head Offices located in Sydney Australia, Hosted Continuity adopts the ethos of “Partnering and Delivering”  to ensure our clients have a platform to "Do Smarter Business”.

The vision is to be an agile organisation based on entrepreneurial qualities providing end to end services to enable businesses to operate more effectively. Combining the delivery of these services and comprehensive capabilities and experience across all industries and business functions positions us uniquely as an organisation.

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