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The right person at the right time, every time

When you need contractors, you need them NOW.  And when you don’t, you don’t need to keep paying them. The other side of that coin, of course, is that they’ve got to be right for the task: experienced, focused and ready to hit the deck running.

Big ask, big cost?  Not with Hosted Continuity’s top-of-their-game people who are always ready when you are and always up to the job.

The best kind of business partnerships are where everyone wins. That’s the way  Hosted Continuity likes to partner with Contractors through to Chief Executives and all levels in between.

As the saying goes, it works for us. 

Hosted Continuity’s Human Capital skill base was derived from early selections within the ICT market. Skill profiles that are within Hosted Continuity’s core capability are Solution Architects, Systems/Business Analysts (Technical and Functional), Project Managers, Systems Engineers, Software/Database Developers and Testers broad brush in software, storage, security and infrastructure.

Contract Recruitment

Need ‘em now, but not forever?  Hosted Continuity has the best and brightest, contractors ready to go now and ready to go when you don’t need them anymore.  From two to two hundred or more, every link in the chain and every system you could name.

Permanent Recruitment

If you love it, put a ring on it.  The best in the business come trained, experienced, knowledgeable and smart, which means they come from Hosted Continuity’s Big Book of the Best.

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