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Professional Continuity has adopted a proven recruitment methodology that has been refined over many years, for our clients we look closely at the core skill requirements to work with the client’s requirements.

This process is formally known as the ‘Engaging for Success’ model, using a Skill Grouping template for each main skill group with essential and desirable requirements. Professional Continuity aligns those skill groups using an adopted skills matrix that is used by many Federal Government and Corporate clients.

This allows Professional Continuity to understand and prepare for the short and medium term demands of the client’s business requirements.

It is standard practice for Professional Continuity to align our current staff, contractor and professional network selections to the needs of our clients, which lines up parallel with their indicative requirements within the Skill Grouping templates.

The Skill Grouping Templates that Professional Continuity provide are complimentary and can be used at the discretion of our clients in anyway seen fit.

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