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As a fully outsourced managed computing infrastructure provider, Hosted Continuity Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) frees you up to focus on your core business by taking care of your hardware, software, network and data centre needs.


Hosted Continuity Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a fully-outsourced and customised computing infrastructure for your business. Rather than buying servers, software licenses, network equipment and data centre space, you can buy all of them bundled as a managed service. Whilst our industry acclaimed experts manage and maintain your infrastructure, you're free you to focus on your business.

Benefits for your business

No need to purchase hardware - our service accommodates your needs now and into the future, so you don’t need to.

Access to best-of-breed technology - we constantly upgrade the service and deploy the latest technology.

  • Funded from Operational Expenditure, with minimal or no up-front costs.
  • Reduce staff costs as we manage and operate the service.
  • Always upgraded.
  • Fully configurable and customisable.
  • Caters for a full range of business applications and users.
  • Deployed on a Just-in-Time basis rather than Just-in-Case.
  • Reduces business carbon footprint.
  • Connectivity from 1Mb to 1Gb.


Hosted Continuity  Virtualisation Assessment is an industry leading process to ensure you get the most from the advantages of a virtual infrastructure.


Hosted Continuity  Server Virtualisation Assessment incorporates industry best practices and experience from years of implementing successful enterprise-class virtual infrastructure.

We use specific capacity planning and implementation methodologies to deliver accelerated, more accurate and benchmarked assessments. Along with technical analysis, we perform current state infrastructure assessments to build best practice future state models. The assessment is then used to re-engineer the process to best manage your future virtual infrastructure.



  • Assessment Planning Implementation Management Development of a deployment strategy aligned to the specific requirements of the business. Information gained in the assessment is used to develop a staged approach to infrastructure virtualisation and consolidation.
  • The optimal deployment strategy for any enterprise depends on many factors including application utilisation, hardware lifecycle, and business requirements.


  • Virtualising and consolidating your environment allows you to meet the challenges of server sprawl, and build a future-focused computing infrastructure. Our best practice methodologies deliver the benefits of consolidation without significant changes to existing applications and configurations.
  • By taking a staged approach to implementation, we help you achieve ‘quick wins’ of cost savings, and immediately reduce the need to buy new physical server hardware.
  • As we consolidate your infrastructure into a virtual environment we’ll work with the key people in your IT department to establish improved management processes in areas of server provisioning, configuration, monitoring, maintenance, backup, and disaster recovery.


  • Virtualisation Management Services are tailored to your specific requirements and range from monthly environment health checks, to a complete managed service incorporating administration, maintenance, and monitoring 24/7.
  • By utilising our Management Services you take advantage of a dedicated team of specialists and guarantee the health of your virtualised environment.

Data Centres Colocation and Hosting

Located strategically outside a 15klm radius to key CBDs across Australia and fully integrated with one another, Hosted Continuity Data Centres provide mid-market companies with affordable data security and integrity, and they are fully optimised for disaster recovery.


Hosted Continuity Data Centres are carrier grade facilities that allow mid-market companies to maintain data security and integrity in the event of disaster at minimal cost or fuss, and maintain a business advantage.

You're provided with

24/7 data centre monitoring and technical support Access to our leading technical architects “Remote hands” access to your equipment All our Australian Data Centres are integrated so that if a single site or link is disrupted, other sites will take the data load, maintaining business operations and continuity. We also guarantee service availability of 99.99%.

Benefits for your business
  • Location
  • Our centres are located near to major business centres, offering near-proximity hosting that provides businesses with easy physical access to its systems 24/7.
  • Reliability

Our state of the art facilities provide one of the highest levels of reliability in the industry, with guaranteed service availability of 99.99% Security All Hosted Continuity Data Centre facilities feature security systems including room alarms, video surveillance and key code locks on all individual racks Fully Redundant All sites feature fully redundant power supplies, redundant network components and backbone infrastructure and redundant environmental systems so facilities always run efficiently Optimised for Disaster Recovery All our Data Centres are integrated so if a single site or link is disrupted, other sites will take the data load maintaining business operations and continuity. The Hosted Continuity data network is built on Cisco best practise triangulation architecture. In the unlikely event of disruption to communications services, we can re-route traffic via another link.

Backup, Archiving & Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service.

Hosted Continuity  Backup &Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (BADRaaS) is fast becoming the new standard for off-site data environment back up, managed by experienced staff, paid for on a monthly basis and giving you peace-of-mind.


Hosted Continuity Backup& Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (BADRaaS) provides a fully managed solution that delivers on-site hardware, connectivity and off-site data storage and replication, all paid for on a monthly basis. Maintained by highly experienced and knowledgeable staff, our BADRaaS is fast becoming the new standard for off-site data back up, and here’s why:

  • Supply, installation and configuration of localised appliances to meet your data backup and storage needs.
  • Configuration and optional supply of backup software to stage to disk with a defined retention policy.
  • Configuration of data de-duplication and replication between client site and a Hosted Continuity Data Centre.
  • Specification and installation of appropriate network connectivity between your site and a Hosted Continuity Data Centre.
  • Monthly storage of replicated business data.
  • Provision of Virtual Environment for data restoration purposes.
  • Optional data migration service with complete backup outsourced option.
Benefits for your business
  • Funded as an operational expense rather than being a capital expense.
  • Reduced management and operational overheads for your business Increased reliability of backups and reduction in data backup failures.
  • Improved data recovery time versus old-world tape solutions.
  • Easily deployed alongside existing tape infrastructures.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • Fully-supported on-site hardware, network connectivity and off-site data storage.
  • One predictable monthly cost for the entire service.
  • Utilises proven high-quality hardware appliances.

Storage Cloud Services

As the need for additional data storage increases rapidly, Hosted Continuity Storage provides a flexible outsourced solution that gives you control and helps to reduce costs.


Now more than ever, businesses are expected to do more with less. With budgets decreasing and storage and back-up requirements growing at more than 75% per annum the need to manage information is a constant battle.

Hosted Continuity Storage and Back-up ensures your information is available and secure, when you need it most.

Our expert storage engineers will help you make the right choices in implementing a scalable, enterprise class storage solution. As aDell Premier Partner we have the skills and experience to deliver storage solutions that meet your business requirements, providing the flexibility and growth capabilities required. We can deliver SAN solutions including Dell EqualLogic, Compellent and PowervaultSAN solutions.

Benefits for your business
  • Our team of professionals can help you store, protect, optimise and leverage your information - from a single email to your total production databases.
  • Scalable solutions to meet your specific business needs.
  • Funded as an operational expense rather than being a capital expense.
  • Reduced management and operational overheads for your business.
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