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Hosted Continuity IT Virtualisation Assessment is an industry leading process to ensure you get the most from the advantages of a virtual infrastructure.


Hosted Continuity IT Server Virtualisation Assessment incorporates industry best practices and experience from years of implementing successful enterprise-class virtual infrastructure.

We use specific capacity planning and implementation methodologies to deliver accelerated, more accurate and benchmarked assessments. Along with technical analysis, we perform current state infrastructure assessments to build best practice future state models. The assessment is then used to re-engineer the process to best manage your future virtual infrastructure.



Assessment Planning Implementation Management Development of a deployment strategy aligned to the specific requirements of the business. Information gained in the assessment is used to develop a staged approach to infrastructure virtualisation and consolidation.

The optimal deployment strategy for any enterprise depends on many factors including application utilisation, hardware lifecycle, and business requirements.


Virtualising and consolidating your environment allows you to meet the challenges of server sprawl, and build a future-focused computing infrastructure. Our best practice methodologies deliver the benefits of consolidation without significant changes to existing applications and configurations.

By taking a staged approach to implementation, we help you achieve 'quick wins' of cost savings, and immediately reduce the need to buy new physical server hardware.

As we consolidate your infrastructure into a virtual environment we'll work with the key people in your IT department to establish improved management processes in areas of server provisioning, configuration, monitoring, maintenance, backup, and disaster recovery.


Virtualisation Management Services are tailored to your specific requirements and range from monthly environment health checks, to a complete managed service incorporating administration, maintenance, and monitoring 24/7.

By utilising our Management Services you take advantage of a dedicated team of specialists and guarantee the health of your virtualised

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